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31.05.2002 The Consumer Ombudsman and the Market Council
22.06.2015 Joint forces against hidden advertising
29.04.2015 Stepping up the efforts against misleading user reviews
13.04.2015 International measures against false free trials
13.04.2015 2014 a record year for complaints to the Consumer Ombudsman
12.02.2015 The Consumer Ombudsman’s Agenda 2015
19.11.2014 The Consumer Ombudsman views forced bundling (tying) of TV and Internet as illegal
18.11.2014 Guidelines for labelling advertisements in Social Media
27.02.2014 European consumer authorities to raise consumer concerns with app industry
17.01.2014 Facebook will limit spam and fake brand-name goods
08.01.2014 EU proposal undermines consumer rights on payment services
06.12.2013 Illegal advertising of Bieber concerts
04.11.2013 Will prevent lock-in mechanisms in consumer contracts
26.02.2013 Penalties for illegal ticket touting of Olympic Tickets
18.12.2012 Working to stop spam and fake brand-name goods on Facebook
14.03.2012 The Consumer Ombudsman’s Agenda 2012
05.10.2011 Consultation - Study on interest rate restrictions in the EU
01.04.2011 The Consumer Ombudsman's Guidelines for Bloggers on the Marketing Control Act
23.03.2011 Public Consultation on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
27.01.2011 Public Consultation - Green Paper from the European Commission on policy options for progress towards a European Contract Law for consumers and businesses
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